Friday, November 14, 2008


So at the end of the european tour i had arranged a recording session at this studio The Station
in Amsterdam to record a song i had been writing on tour "All Along the Emerald Coast". I think it
must have been in Stockholm that in wrote the bass part. Wow, stockholm is so beautiful, like a storybook. I wish i had some pictures to show, oh well , next we arrived Amsterdam and met up with Jan ( super kool ). We then drove over to the Station where as we walked in his studio i was so suprised to see a studer mixing board, awesome echo units, A vox amp ( my Favorite ).
It made me so happy after being on a long tour , me being one of the main drivers.
I was finally going to be able to play. You can't work all the time. So we Stayed up
till 5:30 in the morning recording 2 songs....
"All Along the Emerald Coast" is posted here this!

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