Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"The First 3" episode 1 GUS VAN SANT

In this episode I will be outlining the early period of Gus Van Sants greater body of work. His early trilogy if you will. "The First 3".
Mala Noche (1985), Drugstore Cowboy (1989), My own Private Idaho (1991).
Mala noche (Bad Night),his first effort in directing began in his black and white, nearly unwatchable but extremely insightful first work. Dealing with the seediness and desolate existence of Walt; a gay boy working at a convenience store in Portland Oregon who has a thing for a hot mexican man, (johnny) who doesn't speak english and plays hard to get.
The yarn follows them along dubious dark alleys and side streets in the hope that Walt will soon score with johnny. In desperation, even offering to pay for the deed. Walt decides to take Johnny's friend instead out of frustration for a night.

The story unfolds as Walt and his sister plot to have them (johnny and his friend) over for dinner; to go on adventures around town and into the rural landscape (a theme revisited in my own private idaho), & hanging out at the convenience store just hamming it up.
I'd have to say this is definitely worth a watch, even if it's just to see the rise of a great director. This is only the beginning of his "first 3"; Before Hollywood takes over with Good Will Hunting.